Welcome Baby Lola|Fresh48 Newborn Session at Troy Beaumont

Baby Lola’s family welcomed me into their hospital room with warm smiles and showing such love for their new arrival. Big sister, Hanna, was so gentle with new new little sister and big brother, Jacoby, was very protective. He was very alert to where baby Lola was throughout the entire time that I was there. Mom was glowing and dad was just filled with joy.


Newborn baby girl cradled with her momma



Lola is surrounded by love. My time at the hospital capturing these beautiful moments was short but we were able to capture the emotional moments between new siblings and parents.

Daddy with new baby girl


Sweet Lola with her big eyes and head full of gorgeous hair was a dream during her Fresh48 Newborn session at Troy Beaumont. She was calm and content. Big brother, Jacoby, kept a watchful eye on Lola too. He was all smiles and Spiderman moves but I could tell he always knew where his newest sister was in the room.

Loving Big brother kissing his new sister


Big sister, Hanna, with her shy smile was so gentle with little Lola. Delicate touches and little kisses, so very sweet!

Momma with her girls during newborn session


Daddy with his sleepy newborn baby


I agree, baby Lola, I need a nap too!

Here is the video slideshow from their session!

Fresh48NewbornBabyGirlTroy from Melissa Matz on Vimeo.


Fresh48 Newborn sessions are relaxed photography sessions designed to document those first moments after the newborn baby has arrived. For more information or why you should hire me to capture a Fresh48 Newborn session, contact me 🙂

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