Fresh 48 Sessions have always been a favorite of mine. I loved capturing those first few hours of baby’s life. Those delicate fingers, squishy cheeks, and tiny toes are just amazing and watching parents cherish those details on their new baby is such an honor. Photographers are still not able to visit hospital rooms after […]

Even though photographers are not going to be able to visit clients in the hospital after baby’s arrival, with these tips you can still get great photos. I can’t take Fresh48 photographs for now but I’d like to share some tips to help you document your baby’s first hours. Tip 1. Look for the light. […]

Fresh48 Newborn Sessions are so sweet. The little baby’s feet, the tiny fingers, and the soft sweet cheeks are just amazing to witness. It is an absolute dream to photograph these new babies and their families.  

Fresh 48 Newborn sessions are so sweet. Those first few hours after the baby’s arrival are full of getting to know baby. You will be busy savoring their little faces, counting fingers and toes, and feeling their soft skin. I love taking photos of baby and family during this time.