Olivia ~ 9 Months ~ Lifestyle Portrait session

In this lifestyle portrait session, I got the chance to capture Olivia at 9 months in her home. She was so full of personality and laughter. She was comfortable in her usual surroundings and the photographs definitely show that comfort. It has been a pleasure to document Olivia’s growth during her first year of life. During this 9 months session, she had me smiling the whole time!

Lifestyle 9 month session

Lifestyle portrait photography sessions allow a glimpse into the environment of a child’s daily life.

This spunky little 9 month old really enjoyed showing off for my camera. I enjoyed shooting her and her little dog, too! (Apologies, could not help myself) Yes, even Mirabelle couldn’t keep up with Olivia’s energy during our lifestyle portrait session.

Oakland County Mi Lifestyle Photography

From good books to beautiful purple butterflies, this nursery has everything a 9 month old could need. The sweet dog is icing on the cake.

Olivia’s nursery is beautifully decorated and getting the details in photographs is a part of the lifestyle portrait session.

Nursery detail photos

Beautiful purple tones fill this nursery.