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I Photograph to Remember| Lifestyle Photography

I photograph to remember the daily details of my life. Time moves fast around here and I worry that I won’t remember the little details of our everyday life. The slow mornings with milk and toast, the shared moments enjoying a video game, the escape with a sister’s treasures are details that I want to remember. All of it even the piles of laundry and the dripping bath scrubbies. It won’t always be like this here in my house. Small sippy cups are already becoming a thing of the past. I love looking through the photos that I capture of our days together.

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” ~Aaron Siskind

Lifestyle photographs of my everyday moments

5 on 5 |Mini-Golf with the Family

Another 5 on 5 post, this time Mini-Golf in Royal Oak with the family! After doing some location scouting with me, the kids were treated to mini-golf! This was the first time for the youngest two. They all had fun cheering for each other and practicing their putting skills.

It’s hard to capture photos of five excited children swinging at tiny balls with clubs! I did get some that will go in our yearly photo book! Here are some of the highlights!

kids mini-golf photo

Putting practice.

Royal Oak Mini-Golf family lifestyle

metro-detroit lifestyle session

He is still learning the proper club carry 🙂

Royal oak mini golf

She spent more time carrying her golf ball than actually putting with it.

metro-detroit lifestyle photography

This was actually the last hole that we could play before we spotted lightning and heard thunder.

We did not get to play all 18 holes. A quick storm started and we made it to the car just in time. The kids had a great time golfing and we will definitely go back before the summer is over.

Thanks for looking through my 5 on 5! I actually was able to keep it to just 5 photos! Be sure to check out the other photographers in the circle sharing their 5 on 5 posts. Heather | Floyd Family Photography