10 Make-Up Tips Every Senior Should Know for Beautiful Senior Portraits ~

Local Make-up Artist, Lacey Forcier of Makeup by ~*Lacey*~ shares with us 10 Make-up tips every senior should know for beautiful senior portraits.

Lacey has been a make-up artist professionally for three years but has loved working with make up since she was a young girl. Some of Lacey’s awesome work can be seen here. Courtney was a beautiful bride and her make up looked flawless!

Historic Courthouse Michigan Wedding formal portrait


Before a recent urban senior session in downtown Lapeer, Lacey applied Rachel’s make up and both Lacey and Rachel were willing to be photographed during the process.
Lapeer Michigan Makeup artist senior session

Here are Lacey’s 10 Make-up tips every senior should know for beautiful senior portraits:

1. Never try out new face products a week before a shoot. You never know how your skin will react to a new product.

2. MOISTURIZE! I can’t stress how important this is. Moisturizing even if you have acne prone skin is essential to having healthy skin. This will allow your makeup to glide on easy and you won’t have to worry about flaking and peeling. Use a LOW SPF or a SPF free moisturizer. This will help eliminate “flash back” or making your skin appear ghost like.

3. Even if you do not normally wear any makeup, use makeup the day of your photo session. This will give your skin “life”. Even just a little blush (a pinkish tone) and some mascara and a lip gloss. Lip gloss will make your lips look hydrated and beautiful.

4. Do NOT wax your eyebrows the day before a portrait session. I suggest waxing a week before. This will give your skin time to settle and avoid any unnecessary redness or irritation.

Make up for Senior Portraits Lapeer Michigan

5. Get plenty of sleep before the shoot. I know it can be exciting and you may be anxious,but sleep is important. This helps your eyes look well rested and less puffy.

6. Drink plenty of water!! This will also help your skin. Along with moisturizing your skin on the outside,water will help detox your body and nourish it from the inside out.

7. Less is more with makeup and young skin. Young faces don’t need much makeup. Avoid any “fad” makeup looks. Pictures are forever and even though a makeup look may be awesome at the time,fads fade. Clean beautiful makeup looks best. Neutral colors on the eyes,soft glossy lips and pretty soft cheek. You are free to highlight and contour,but use a light hand.

8. Avoid super shimmery or glittery colors on eyes. Too much of anything can be a bad thing. You want the natural sparkle to come from within your eyes, not from all the glittery makeup. Some shimmer is ok but most matte shades are recommended.

Senior Portraits Lapeer Michigan

9. Use eyeshadow primer and face primer before applying your makeup!!! Even men can apply a matte primer on their skin so they can avoid the super shiney face. It will keep your makeup in place so you don’t have to worry about reapplication while you are having your shoot.

10. Smile from within and have FUN! Makeup is just a piece of the puzzle when getting your photos done. Smiling and having fun will ensure your photos look great!!!! Smile with the eyes. The camera loves it!!!!

Rachel is a beautiful senior ready to graduate later this spring. She only needed a little enhancing with makeup and Lacey used a light touch to bring out Rachel’s features. Using these 10 makeup tips, seniors will be ready for beautiful senior portraits.

Senior portraits make up before and after


Lacey is really good at applying just what each individual needs to bring out their best for their photos. I asked her what draws her to profession. ” I love my job because it’s a great feeling to watch people that may not feel so great about themselves just light up and tell me they feel beautiful. Being in a business that helps people with self esteem is the greatest feeling in the world. I couldn’t imagine myself loving a job more then I love this one.”

The rest of Rachel’s urban senior session in downtown Lapeer will be featured later this week. Lacey and I are planning more collaborations to share more advice for make-up and portrait sessions. For more information about Lacey Forcier, check out her facebook page Makeup by ~*Lacey*~

6 thoughts on “10 Make-Up Tips Every Senior Should Know for Beautiful Senior Portraits ~

  1. Heather

    Great tips! It’s so easy to want to really go “all out” for your portraits. I love seeing the very natural transformation on such a beautiful model!

  2. dad

    I am so proud of you, l New that if you stuck with something you liked great things would happen for you, you really have a passion towards other people and it shows l love you very much! Keep up the great work and keep believing in yourself love dad


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